'Ello again! I'm back!

Project attempt #2 for 2013: Visionary board, a personal collection of all sorts of random, beautiful, flawed, exciting, daring and me. We need inspiration everyday. I am making my own this year. Cheers all xx

The robber stole my faith at gun point.

One minute I was laughing at the beautiful cakes my colleague/friend was showing me, the next minute a man walked into my life with a gun in my face. Ten to twelve hours a week, the office was my getaway from school and home. I am good at what I do: smile, chat and serve. I am part of the 1% who actually enjoys customer service. I love people, and people me because I care whether you have the right liability or what your weekends plans are. And when a black hand gun was pointed at me, I was truly disturbed to find people unhappy. I was scared that my customers are like the robber, desperate, because what I do who I work for robs them. But the question is not who’s to blame, and maybe there isn’t even a question to be ask - not even a simple “why?”. What is next is change. The corporate system is going nowhere, but compassion and action can convince hope to trade places with desperation. You, me, him, her, them, and that together, we can make a change. I am still here for a reason. I am alive because of the same reason, and it took long enough to realize I am to make the change.  


Hello. It’s been awhile. 

Lately, I find myself wondering what am I doing? What matters? Why should I care? All questions go back to what am I doing. What I am doing is losing myself to mindless talk, hyped-up goals and empty promises to myself. In delusion I think everything will work out, everything does in the end. False. “Vision without action is hallucination.” 

How can I care again? Or have I ever cared before? I am searching for passion…